Core Team

FIBAMAX® is founded by industry experts with a vast combined European and UK Bio-Tech experience.

  • Michael Bieder

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Biomass processing and visionary lead with Hanf Farm.

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  • Matthew Belcher

    Matthew Belcher


    HEMSPAN® CEO, Plant medicine and Nutraceutical ventures as COO.

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  • Andy Morrison


    Public Company Director and Chair. Fundraising, mergers and aquisitions, and corporate transactions.

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  • Katrin Taylor Voss

    International Business Development

    Experienced Head of Global Network Development and Communications.

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  • Daniel Kruse

    Non-Executive Director

    Founder Hempro International and HempConsult.

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  • Sven Wagenholz

    Sales Director

    10 years’ industrial hemp and processing expertise and experience.

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  • Nick Mackaness

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Private and listed commercial and strategic experience with an MBA in finance and strategy.

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  • Philip Wolfe

    Chief Financial Officer

    Private and listed CFO and start-up experience. sustainable finance and leadership. Finance and strategy.

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