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How It Works

Processing Factories for Industrial Biomass

Processing Factories for Industrial Biomass

We are a technology company delivering turn-key manufacturing facilities, unlocking the industrial potential of plant biomass by providing viable climate positive alternatives to petrochemicals and synthetic fibres.

  • Mission: To enable the transition away from globally sourced synthetic materials towards regionally grown, regenerative bio materials for climate positive supply chains.

  • Innovation: Harnessing patented technology, we design and deliver high-capacity processing factories for farmed industrial biomass.

  • Global Demand: Meeting the need for plant-based solutions in industrial applications, such as bio-textiles, sustainable proteins, bio-plastics, and bio-based construction materials.

How The Process Works

We reduce carbon emissions by making plant biomass commercially accessible at scale. Our PHYTOFINERY® factories will process up to 100,000 tonnes of plant biomass annually into multiple, added-value end products, replacing petrochemical derived ingredients in global manufacturing.

    Phytofinery® Advantages

  • Proprietary Processing: Our factories use Micro Decortication and Hydrothermal Extraction processing. This enables the use of green bio-mass which de-risks conventional bio-mass farming methods, maximising the whole plant into high-value component parts.

  • Multiple Plant Biomass Inputs and Impact: The use of Hemp, Miscanthus, Silphie, Wildflowers and Agri-Forests, facilitates the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that improves soil organic matter content.

  • Climate Positive: Our scale and variety of output options provide viable carbon negative input alternatives to many global industries.

Why Industrial
Plant Biomass?


Industrial plant biomass delivers 4x growth rate per hectare, maximising photosynthesis during peak growing season, capturing huge amounts of carbon.


Improving soil health extends viable land areas for food supply chains, ensuring food security.


Plant derived products are expected to enter high scale growth in 2024. The global market for Hemp alone will reach over €25 billion by 2028.

Hemp Uses

Transition to renewable sources for global commodity products will improve lives, secure natural habitats, and power the green revolution.

Carbon Capture

Emission avoidance and storing carbon through plant derived solutions is key to reaching global corporate and social responsibility targets.



    Regenerative farming is paramount to the growing demand for sustainable feedstock for tomorrow’s regional supply chains. Securing the necessary growing area is only possible through a fair and profitable business model. We design and build highly efficient, fully automated, and AI-supported processing hubs, delivering a highly competitive product range, all with the farmer and end user in mind.

    By leveraging farmers’ knowledge in an area of operation and adapting to the industrial market by choosing the applicable product range for production, PHYTOFINERY® serves as a crucial solution in light of the progressively stringent farming regulations for climate positive farms, communities, and local authorities.


    The FIBAMAX® solution is designed by its team of experts and an advanced consortium of industrial partners, creating a unique, vertically integrated facility for renewable material processing and product manufacturing.

    By utilising only renewable energy from different sources, our CO2 footprint remains zero along the value chain, from field to product.


    FIBAMAX® enhances your sustainable success by applying over 4 years of research and development in the specific field of plant based economy, and nearly 100 years of combined expertise, pioneering this new industry, on the brink of global adoption.

    FIBAMAX® goes the extra mile to understand your market and supply chain, through a guided journey from initial conversation to customised blueprint, complete build and handing over the keys to your new processing hub.

    A fully comprehensive service is part of the all-inclusive package for every PHYTOFINERY®, containing full technical support and assistance during the first 12 months of operation, including training operational staff and farmers.

    This 360 degree approach creates leading processing hubs, guiding customers (end users) on their transitioning journey to plant based products.


    Based on a groundbreaking, patented new process, PHYTOFINERY® leads the way in utilising biomaterials in industrial applications, driving the establishment of carbon neutral supply chains.

    Innovation, creative design thinking and a deep understanding of all details along the value chain make FIBAMAX® the market leader in this burgeoning field.

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